What Our Patients Say

“All Care Medical Clinics has helped me with various skeletal-related injuries over the past 7 years. Their knowlege in skeletal trauma and functional deterioration improved my recovery time, eliminated my pain and got me back to full use of my body.”

Nick W.

“I have suffered with neck pain and reduced neck functionality after a car wreck since I was a teenager. I would typically wake up with major soreness in my neck each morning. My treatments with All Care have greatly reduced my discomfort and have strengthened my neck muscles. I have also seen greatly improved functionality in the rotation of my head.

Rebecca M.

“When I got into the accident, the muscles in my neck really tensed up. It was really hard to move. I had a very limited range of motion without pain. Since I’ve been getting the adjustments and treatments, it’s helped me be able to move without pain. I have a lot of range-of-motion back. It really made me feel better.”

Misty G.

“When I originally came in, I couldn’t sleep at all because of my extensive back pain from the wreck I was in. I came in and between adjustments and the massage therapy, I’ve been able to sleep again normally. I get a restful night’s sleep. I just function better on a daily basis. I noticed that it seems to keep improving too. It’s definitely my favorite part of the treatment process.”

Dwane R.

“When I first came to the chiropractic clinic, I had sharp stabbing pains in my shoulder blades, bad headaches, bad neck pain and shoulder pain. After the chiropractic therapy and other therapies, I don’t have any of the stabbing pain anymore. I don’t have headaches near as often as I used to. And it’s just a world of difference! My pain level is probably 50% of what it was when I first came here.”

Cindy D.

“I felt so much better. I slept through the night. I hardly ever do that. We were rear ended in a car wreck. I guess I had a mild whiplash and a pain between my shoulder blades. It’s taken a little over two months, but now I don’t have any pain at all.”

Kristina F.

“When I first came in, I had numbness and tingling in both the left and right hand. It has ceased a lot since I’ve been coming here, taking the treatments. I only have numbness and tingling in the right  hand at times, but the left hand has improved massively!

Helen O.

“I am so glad that there is such a place to come to! I had pinched nerves and low back compression. I got an MRI, decompression therapy, laser therapy and muscle stimulation. The pain level is down and I no longer have shooting pain.”

Jeff K.