HCG Weight Loss Programs

All Care Clinic offers medically supervised weight loss wellness programs, customized to fit each person’s unique needs. Our expert weight loss doctors work with each patient individually to reach their specific weight loss goals.

Our Approach to Weight Loss

Do you ever notice how some people have no trouble with weight loss, while others simply cannot seem to lose weight? Each person has a different propensity to gain or lose weight, and as such, All Care Clinics treats each case on an individual basis to address the factors that are specifically affecting a person’s weight issues.

What Makes All Care Clinics the Best?

At All Care Clinics, our goal is to help you reach optimal health and lose weight in the process. We take a whole person approach to weight loss. Being overweight is simply a symptom of an underlying problem. With that in mind, our doctors work to eliminate the cause of weight gain through medical testing and lifestyle improvements, and thus alleviate your symptoms, producing weight loss as a byproduct of optimal health.

When a person’s weight fluctuates or they become obese, and unable to lose weight, it is important to look at all of the underlying issues contributing to the condition. Often, weight gain can be attributed to a multitude of factors, including hormone imbalance, food allergies, thyroid imbalance, toxicity, nutritional deficiency, maladaptive lifestyle, undiagnosed disease, and many more. Weight is a biomarker of health – an outer symptom that indicates an underlying imbalance.

All Care Clinics works with you to get to the root of the problem in a medically supervised environment, which will not only facilitate weight loss, but create a more vital and healthy you.

Our Method

Free Consultation
First, All Care Clinics invites you to come in for a free consultation. During this time you will meet with one of the doctors to review your symptoms, answer any questions about our programs, and outline an action plan based on your weight loss goals and individual needs.

Practitioner Office Visits
Unlike many weight loss programs out there, All Care Clinics offers entirely medically supervised programs. This means that every time you come in, you will visit with either one of our doctors, or our nurse practitioner, to ensure that your goals are being met.

One of the greatest reasons our weight loss programs are so much more effective than others is our partnership with our patients. During the course of your program, you will see one of our practitioners up to twelve times to check your progress, and make adjustments as needed. We listen to your goals and work hand in hand with you to help you lose weight fast, and most importantly, safely.

Lifestyle Education
At All Care Clinics, we help people learn how to lose weight fast and keep it off. That’s why our programs include nutritional counseling to help you discover the best habits for your health. Our doctors have all experienced being overweight and have had to make lifestyle changes to improve their health. They know how hard it is to keep weight off so they have become excellent coaches for our patients.

Advanced Testing
All Care Clinic’s weight loss programs include an array of advanced testing including metabolic testing, blood chemistry evaluation, nutrient balance testing, nutrigenomic testing, food allergy testing, Zyto, and more. The types of testing you receive will be based on the program that best fits your specific needs.

Find out more about each of these tests.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Hormones play a key factor in weight gain, and All Care Clinics works to balance your hormones by testing thyroid function, and levels of progesterone, estrodiol, testosterone, vitamin D, and more. Based on your symptoms and initial test results, additional testing may be performed along with more in depth bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

hCG Weight Loss Shots
The hormone hCG in shots, transdermal cream, or drops may be used to help patients lose weight quickly and safely. Visit our hCG page to find out more about hCG, its history, and its application to weight loss.

Lipotropic Weight Loss Shots
In addition to the hCG shots, patients receive amino acid and Vitamin B12 injections to help mobilize fat and accelerate weight loss.

All patients are recommended to do a guided Liver cleanse to help jumpstart the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms. Many people experience rapid weight loss before they even begin the hCG shots.

Medication and Supplementation
As a fully functioning wellness clinic, the staff will prescribe any medications as needed to assist you with your weight loss and health goals. Additionally, All Care Clinics offers the highest quality of supplements available. Our nutraceuticals, or pharmaceutical grade supplements, are only available through a doctor’s prescription.

LAST- Laser Appetite Suppression Therapy
The use of laser to activate specific ear points to help with appetite control. Painless and effective treatment may be used in conjunction with other therapies.

Medifast is another weight loss option that may be used.