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We offer medically supervised weight loss wellness programs, such as HCG Elite and Medifast, that are customized to fit each person’s unique needs. Our expert weight loss doctors work patients individually to reach their specific weight loss goals.

Our Approach to Weight Loss 

Some people have no trouble with weight loss, while others simply cannot seem to lose weight. Each person has a different propensity to gain or lose weight, and that’s why we treat each case on an individual basis.

What Makes All Care Clinics the Best? 

The answer lies in our goal: we want to help you reach optimal health and lose weight in the process.
We take a whole person approach to weight loss. Being overweight is simply a symptom of an underlying problem. Through medical testing and lifestyle improvements, our doctors work to eliminate the cause of weight gain, such as hormone imbalance, food allergies, thyroid imbalance, toxicity, nutritional deficiency, maladaptive lifestyle to undiagnosed diseases.

Our Weight Loss Program experience consists of:


Free Consultation

during which an outline an action plan based on your weight loss goals and individual needs will be prepared.


Practitioner Office Visits

that connect you with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners so that together, you can keep track of your progress, make adjustments as needed and lose weight safely.

Lifestyle Education

Lifestyle Education

that provides for nutritional counselling from our team of doctors who have gone through their own weight loss journeys—and succeeded.


Advanced Testing 

which includes metabolic testing, blood chemistry evaluation, nutrient balance testing, nutrigenomic testing, food allergy testing, Zyto, and more. The types of testing you receive will be based on the program that best fit your specific needs. 

To learn more about how you can lose weight and feel great, call us today at 817-581-7246.