Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a pregnancy hormone that is produced by the embryo soon after it is conceived. When produced during pregnancy, HCG is meant to help keep the corpus luteum intact. The corpus luteum, which is part of the ovary, is integral in maintaining production of the progesterone that is an important component of human pregnancy. In addition to preventing the disintegration of the corpus luteum, researchers believe that HCG provides pregnant women with extra immunity during pregnancy.

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The high levels of HCG that are produced during pregnancy have no negative effects on the pregnant woman’s body. In fact, doctors have used HCG for many years in order to help women experiencing hormonal issues or fertility problems. More recently, however, researchers have found that HCG shots can actually help the body burn more fat and can be used to aid in weight loss when combined with a healthy low calorie diet. While there are some rare potential side effects to HCG therapy, these are generally mild and do not affect most people. These may include breast tenderness, headaches and edema.

Although HCG is associated with pregnancy, both men and women who are looking to get their weight under control can safely use it. Men have reported enhanced stamina while on HCG. HCG is a very safe all natural human hormone. It has been approved by the FDA for fertility and numerous other medical purposes, but the FDA has not approved HCG specifically for weight loss.

The HCG Weight Loss Program… WEIGHT LOSS WITH A BANG

Let’s face it – losing weight is very, very hard. Despite all the fad diets, risky surgeries and expensive exercise gizmos, weight loss remains a formidable challenge for most adults. And what are the common problems with ALL diets?

1. Constant hunger
2. Fatigue and lack of energy
3. Portion Control
4. Motivation

Most people just give up, but at a price. Obesity is associated with multiple serious health issues including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and fatigue. On a more practical note, being over weight is just plain uncomfortable – both socially and physically. Dr. Cristy Wallace, who also specializes in anti-aging medicine, is offering her patients the HCG Weight Loss Program and the HCG diet. This is an aggressive, yet safe, physician supervised weight loss program that can result in a striking loss of weight in a short time.

HCG is a natural hormone produced during pregnancy. HCG has a profound effect on the metabolism of a pregnant woman. The hormone, which helps ensure the developing fetus gets enough calories while in the womb, can also work wonders on the waistlines of women who are not pregnant. It works on men, too.

Normally, when placed on a very calorie restricted diet, the body will immediately do what it does best – save calories! It doesn’t know that a Burger King is just down the road. It has to assume that there is famine on the way. The body will slow its metabolism down to a crawl and hang on to fat while preferentially burning muscle protein for fuel. So, one may lose weight while on a very low calorie diet, but the loss includes precious muscle, not just fat. To be successful long-term in weight loss, only fat should be burned, not muscle.

The HCG weight loss program and HCG diet ‘flips the switch’ in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls fat metabolism and storage. It tells the body it’s OK to start burning its own fat instead of protein. This is a good thing for people with lots of stored fat.

Another advantage of “switching” the body to burn its fat stores is that fat released into the blood stream makes you feel as if you have eaten and thus turns off your appetite. This is known as the ketosis effect. With calories now in your bloodstream, your appetite center says, “Look, I’ve got all this food around here so I no longer need to stimulate your appetite.” Your hunger is now diminished and you feel content. HCG plus the ketosis effect enables you to refuse to eat more than 500 calories a day!

The program is all about calorie restriction – the HCG injections, cream, or drops just make it doable. Patients are restricted to 500 – 800 calories a day of very specific foods (essentially meat and vegetables; see the HCG Diet Recipes download link above). The net effect is a weight loss that can range from ½ to two pounds per day. Patients routinely lose 25 – 30 pounds with this program. Some patients have reported losing 40 pounds in 40 days!

After 6 weeks, the metabolism has been ‘re-trained’ and you will find your appetite has decreased, your cravings will be less and your eating behavior will be healthier. The diet is then relaxed to a less restrictive, more healthy regimen that will help keep you healthy and lean for years to come.
HCG Weight Loss

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