Let’s face it – losing weight is very, very hard. Most people just give up, but at a price. Obesity is associated with multiple serious health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and fatigue. It can also be uncomfortable, both socially and physically.


Dr. Cristy Wallace, who also specializes in anti-aging medicine, helps her patients lose weight and stay trimmed using the HCG Weight Loss Program and the HCG diet.

This is an aggressive yet safe, physician-supervised weight loss program that can produce striking results in a short amount of time. While HCG is associated with pregnancy, both men and women can safely undergo the weight loss program.

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How Does HCG Elite Work?

Calorie restriction compels the body to save calories. Metabolism slows down and the body hangs on to fat while feeding on muscle protein for energy. To be successful long-term in weight loss, only fat should be burned, not muscle.

The HCG weight loss program and HCG diet ‘flips the switch’ in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls fat metabolism and storage. It tells the body it’s OK to start burning its own fat instead of protein. This is a good thing for people with lots of stored fat.

Another advantage of “flipping the switch” is that fat released into the blood stream makes you feel as if you have eaten and thus your appetite diminishes. This is known as the ketosis effect. The combination of the “switch” and ketosis effect enables you to refuse to eat more than 500 calories a day!

The program is all about calorie restriction – the HCG injections, cream, or drops just make it doable. Patients are restricted to 500 – 800 calories a day of very specific foods (download the HCG Diet Recipes here).

The net effect is a weight loss that can range from ½ to two pounds per day. Patients routinely lose 25 – 30 pounds with this program. Some patients have reported losing 40 pounds in 40 days!

After only 6 weeks, the metabolism is ‘re-trained.” Your appetite would have decreased, cravings lessened, and eating behavior turned much healthier.
The diet is then relaxed to a less restrictive, healthier regimen that will help keep you fit and lean for years to come.

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Learn how the HCG Diet can make you look and feel great